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Annual Meeting of the Chinese Astronomical Society
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    The annual meeting of the Chinese Astronomical Society for the year 2013 is due to take place in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, on the 27th, and last until the 31st of October.  

    Venue: Suzhou Conference Center, 100 Daoqian Rd, Suzhou, Jiangsu                 

    Tel 0512-65220606  

    Fax 0512-65245854  


    Date                Activity 

    Oct 27th, 2013      Registration  

    Oct 28th, 2013      Invited Presentations  

    Oct 29th-30th, 2013 Individual Presentations  

    Oct 31st, 2013      Tour of Suzhou Industrial Zone  

    Registration & Conference Details:  

    Please log in to to upload your abstract. Please note that the registration deadline is the 8th of October, and that late registrations will be charged a 100 RMB fee.  

    A reception area will be established in the main hall of the conference center. There, the conference fee (1000 RMB for scholars, 800 RMB for students) will be assessed, relevant materials provided (conference guide, ID, booklet of abstracts, food tickets, etc.), and a hotel check-in administered.  

    Breakfasts will be included in the accommodation fees, and provided by the respective hotels. Lunches will be provided at the conference center in exchange for the food tickets provided at registration. Suppers are not covered, but a number of local restaurants are available and suitable for this purpose.  

    It is highly recommended that all participants make reservations at either the Conference Center Hotel (4-star), the Four Seasons Trade & Tourism Hotel, or one of the hotels under the Star of Jin River franchise. All these hotels provide train and plane ticket services.   

  Contact Details:  

  Bao Mei  

  Tel: 13372142116   Email:  

  Hongyu Meng  

  Tel: 13912964806   Email:  

  Lingjun Kong       Tel: 18001546181   

  Lirong Zhu         Tel: 13962194599  

  Zuheng Yao        Tel: 13806135928  

  Lijuan Zhang       Tel: 13812752660  

  Lili Tang           Tel: 13861317325  

  Hui Xu            Tel: 15335264900  

  Individual Presentations by Category & Contacts:  

  Radio Astronomy  

  Zhiqiang Shen:  

  Solar Astronomy & Exoplanets  

  Yihua Yan (Solar):  

  Jianghui Ji (Exoplanets):  

  Stellar Astrophysics  

  Yan Li:  


  Guoping Li:  

  Shougang Zhang:  

  Celestial Mechanics & Astrometry  

  Jilin Zhou (Celestial Mechanics and Satellite Dynamics):  

  Li Chen (Astrometry):  

  High Energy Astrophysics  

  Zigao Dai (High Energy Astrophysics):  

  Galaxies & Cosmology  

  Xu Kong (Galaxies & Cosmology):  

  History of Astronomy, Popular Science & Education  

  Xiaochun Sun (History):  

  Jianning Fu (Education):  

  Yong Wang (Popular Science):  

  We look forward to your registration and attendance!  

  Chinese Astronomical Society  

  Sept 11th, 2013  

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