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Solar Site survey and Coronal Observation Group




  To advance the technique of ground-based observations and to solve the fundamental problems of solar physics, it is essential that optimum sites be allocated for the purpose of optical and IR solar observations in the near future. The western inland regions of China boast a homogeneous and stable atmosphere, an ample amount of sunlight hours, in addition to a high altitude. Such properties are ideal for solar observation, yet the region remains untouched by researchers in the field due to underdevelopment in the related areas. Therefore, prospecting for sites in these regions is a worthwhile activity for the development of solar research. 

  The Western Solar Observation Site Prospection Program is being undertaken jointly by Yunnan Observatories, the National Astronomical Observatories, Purple Mountain Observatory, and Nanjing University. Main objective of this program includes finding sites for two planned future telescopes: the Chinese Giant Solar Telescope (CGST) and a yet-unnamed telescope expected to specialize in corona observations. The project is also aimed at finding further sites with related potential. 

  After the initial prospection phase, the areas of Greater Shangri-La and Ali have been highlighted as prospective observatory sites, and geological and meteorological data have been gathered from these areas. A number of instruments for further prospection efforts either have been deployed or are being designed. 

  The group currently employs 4 postdocs, 2 grad students, and 2 technicians. 

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