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Binary Population Synthesis Group


  The BPS group, established in 1999, has seen many of its members receive awards for excellence in research over the years. It currently employs 9 permanent personnel, including 3 Professors, 4 Associate Professors, and 2 Assistant Professors. 16 temporary personnel are also currently affiliated, including 1 postdoctorate scholar and 15 graduate students. 

  The primary research interests of the group include the formation and evolution of irregular stars (hot subdwarfs, blue stragglers, SN Ia progenitors, etc.), observation of close binaries, evolutionary population synthesis, star formation and late-type stars, magnetohydrodynamics, and numerical modeling methods. 

   Collaborators to the group are primarily distributed in Oxford University, Cambridge University, the University of Illinois, Urbana Champagne, Cornell University, the Max Planck Institute, the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and Monash University. 

  Major Social activities arranged within the group include weekly group meetings, as well as numerous invited talks by external colleagues. 

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