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Researchers Propose Evolution of Supersoft X-ra... (2023-03-13)
Recently, Ph.D. candidate ZANG Lei and Prof. QIAN Shengbang, from Yunnan Observatories of Chinese Academy of Sciences and their cooperator discovered that the orbital evolution of the supersoft X-r...
Scientists Re-analyze Properties of Most Eccent... (2023-03-08)
On March 2, the Astrophysical Journal published new results about the exoplanet system HD 76920 led by WU Tao and JIANG Chen. In this journal article, the authors present a detailed asteroseismic a...
Researchers Investigate Reconstruction of Solar... (2023-03-08)
Dr XUE Zhike et al. studied the reconstruction of a solar filament caused by magnetic emergence and magnetic reconnection on 2021 June 4, mainly using the high-resolution data obtained by the 1-met...
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