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Researchers Propose Evolution of Supersoft X-ray Source Dominated by Magnetic... (2023-03-13)
Scientists Re-analyze Properties of Most Eccentric Planetary System (HD 76920... (2023-03-08)
Researchers Investigate Reconstruction of Solar Filament Caused by Magnetic E... (2023-03-08)
Researchers Investigate Evolution of Postmerger Remnants from Coalescence of ... (2023-03-07)
Researchers Reveal Solar Cycle Variation of Coronal Mass Ejections (2023-03-06)
Researchers Found Solar Filament Formation due to Oscillation Magnetic Reconn... (2023-03-01)
Researchers Investigate Quasi-periodic Variations of Coronal Mass Ejections (2023-02-22)
Researchers Provide Theoretical Support for Reality of Pressure Mode Pulsatio... (2023-02-16)
Scientists Discovered New Form of Oscillations in Single Filament Driven by T... (2023-02-14)
Researchers Investigate Properties of Double White Dwarfs with New Mass Trans... (2023-02-02)
Researchers Find Key Factors for Sympathetic Filament Eruptions (2023-02-02)
Researchers Find Potential Mechanism of Formation of Light Bridge and Disappe... (2023-01-17)
Researchers Investigate Macrospicules and Their Connection to Unambiguous Rec... (2023-01-11)
Researchers Find Coronal Quasi-periodic Fast-propagating Wave Train Excited b... (2022-12-15)
Researchers First Discover Quasi-periodic Oscillations in Dwarf Nova HS2325+8205 (2022-12-14)
Researchers Investigate Hydrodynamical Simulations of Common-envelope Wind Mo... (2022-12-13)
Researchers Discover 123 New Delta Scuti-type Pulsators in Eclipsing Binaries (2022-12-08)
Researchers Numerically Study Formation Mechanisms of Solar Ultraviolet Bursts (2022-11-30)
Researchers Investigate Particle Accelerations in 2.5-dimensional Reconnectin... (2022-11-30)
Researchers Investigate Numerical Simulations of Laser-driven Petschek-type M... (2022-11-29)
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