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Researchers Investigate Energy Mechanisms in Super-Eddington Accretion Flows (2023-09-26)
Researchers Find New Characteristic of the Partial Eruption of Solar Filament (2023-09-26)
Fundamental parameters of 318 contact binaries from the TESS survey (2023-09-25)
Chinese Researchers Investigate the Mass Fractionation of Helium in the Escap... (2023-09-15)
Researchers Investigate the Evolution of double oxygen-neon white dwarf merge... (2023-09-15)
Advancements in Star-Planet Tidal Interaction Research at Yunnan Observatory (2023-09-15)
Researchers Investigate Differential Rotational Characteristics of Solar Tran... (2023-08-31)
Researchers Find Formation of U-shaped Filament Driven by Magnetic Reconnection (2023-08-09)
Researchers Find New Characteristic of Convective Overshooting in Stars Using... (2023-08-01)
Researchers Investigate Global Rotation of Solar Transition Region (2023-07-05)
Scientists Find Effect of Element Diffusion in Interior of Solar-like Stars i... (2023-06-30)
Researchers Predict Solar Activity Cycles 25 and 26 by Deep Learning Technique (2023-06-30)
Scientists Develop New Method to Intelligently Identify Small SSOs and Extrac... (2023-06-21)
Researchers Numerically Study Magnetic Reconnection and Heating Mechanisms fo... (2023-06-21)
Researchers Discover Continuously Expanding Orbit of Persistent Supersoft X-r... (2023-05-10)
Researchers Have Explanation on 18 TeV Emission of “Brightest of All Time” ... (2023-04-07)
Researchers Explain Formation of Special Type of Low-mass X-ray Binaries (2023-04-06)
Researchers Found About 150 New Massive Pulsating Stars (2023-03-23)
Researchers Propose Evolution of Supersoft X-ray Source Dominated by Magnetic... (2023-03-13)
Scientists Re-analyze Properties of Most Eccentric Planetary System (HD 76920... (2023-03-08)
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