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Yunnan Observatories Constructs Nation's first Coronagraph Observatory
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  As the outermost layer of the sun, the corona contains a hoard of physical information and undergoes various physical processes, including, but not limited to, plasma heating, solar wind acceleration, ejection of matter, and magnetic reconnection, providing a natural laboratory for the study of such phenomena. The corona is also the source of large-scale solar activity and a majority of space weather incidents, which have been considered to be increasingly important owing to mankind's increased activity in space. However, our understanding of such occurrences are, as of yet, limited, thereby giving rise to the need for hardware which is capable of facilitating research in this field.

  The primary function of a coronagraph is to isolate the corona by creating an artificial eclipse via blotting out the rest of the sun from the observations. Once this is done, the outer edge, which consists of pure corona, can be observed with little contamination from the rest of the sun.

  The new coronagraph is to be installed at Lijiang, and will form a cornerstone for future domestic research in this area. We thank the various funding agencies for their continued support throughout and towards this project.

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