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Yunnan Observatories 2.4-meter Telescope Discovers Most Luminous Quasar
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   A paper on the work by a team headed by Xuebing Wu of Beijing University, of which Assistant Professor Weimin Yi of Yunnan Observatories is a participant, was published in Nature on the 26th of February  (Nature 2015, 518, 512-515). The team used the 2.4 meter optical telescope of Yunnan Observatories to discover the most luminous quasar ever observed to date.  

  The quasar was found to be at a redshift of 6.3, and is more than 14 orders of magnitude more lumminous than the sun. Later, infrared spectroscopy revealed that it has a central black hole that is 10 orders of magnitude more massive than the sun. Since only about 100 quasars above redshift 5 and about 40 quasars above redshift 6 have been observed so far, this discovery significantly increases our sample of high-redshift quasars, and greatly enhances our understanding of the early universe. 

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