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Observation Progress Made by Yunnan Observatories 2.4m Telescope Listed among China's Top Ten Scientific Advances
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In the afternoon of February 25, Ministry of Science and Technology announced China's top ten scientific advances in 2015, among which an observation carried out by Yunnan Observatories’ 2.4-meter Optical Telescope was rated as the fifth one for discovering "the most luminous quasar with the largest mass of the early universe". This research finding was accomplished by a team led by Wu Xuebing, a professor from Beijing University. Using the 2.4-meter Optical Telescope in Lijiang Observation Station, this team first discovered this quasar; Yi Weimin, a PHD of Yunnan Observatories, was in charge of the observation and data processing in the early stage. Related paper was published in Nature as the recommended cover page on 26th February, 2015.

The 2.4m optical telescope was cofounded by Chinese Academy of Science, Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and Yunnan provincial government. After the acceptance check in April 2008, this telescope began to run observation test; on New Year's Day of 2012, it was officially open for the whole world. Up until now, more than 100 papers using observational data obtained by this telescope have been published; 36 high redshift quasars and more than 100 supernovae have been discovered; nearly 10 PHD candidates completed their researches based on data obtained by this telescope and have received their doctorial degrees.

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